Responding to spices

I’m tired of being on the road for an hour. How quickly I can reach my home in case of an emergency, this worried me after Ida arrived a month ago. I have been searching for a job that close to my home because of those reasons. I could not give attention to Ida the way I wanted after this week started. I was tired after three marathon interviews yesterday, started at 8:00 in the morning, continued until 5:00 in evening.

I took Anne and Ida out to show where these companies are located at. On the way, Anne found an Indian Restaurant called Ruchi Palace. We were not prepared for a dinner, but I wanted some quality time with Ida.

Today morning when I was getting out, Ida was just waking up. I felt a little bit of fear on her face. Unlike she does every morning when I go to work, she was scared and did not want to give a kiss. I was in my suit, and she might have felt a change. Was she scared thinking Pappa leaving home forever, or Pappa taking me some where? May be, but I don’t know really.

May be this event have confirmed Ida that Pappa will make it home though he is away for a while.

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Ida made an attempt to sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ song. She spoke the first two words correctly – I was satisfied as a dad.

She did not like Idly that Anne planned to order for her. She wanted Chappa. Can she handle this spicy Chicken Biryani? I doubt, I interpreted it from her facial expression.

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