Being away

I expect to do new things, and the new job I received this year was in align with that desire. I could not resist on my third day, my boss wanted me to go with him to Luciana. I took a deep breath, called Anne to discuss. My concern was about how Anne and Ida would manage themselves when I’m away. Anne and I talked again and again for a while and finally she was okay with me going there.

The good folks in the Luciana office took me to Sammy’s, a popular restaurant in Luciana. In Luciana, 90% in the menu are fried items. I settled on Cat Fish, because January is not a season for craw fish.

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Ida woke up in the morning, and I was not there. She was sad. She kept asking Anne about me ‘Appa’. Anne had to convince Ida that I went to office. I kept calling Ida every three hours, that made her comfortable.

On my way back, I bought a book and a box of Belgium chocolates for Ida. At the doorsteps on the third day, I could see the excitement on her face, not looking at what I have bought but she is glad I’m back.

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