First hill climbing

I love outdoors. My favorite outdoor location on the earth is Moab, Utah. I don’t live there anymore, so I was in the pursuit of finding one in Texas. On my way to the table tennis club I found out a park called Arbor Hills Nature preserve. This park is pretty much packed with people during the weekend. Anne and I went with Ida to the park today without expecting what is there. The Arbor park looks dry, trees without leaves, the reason being we still has winter in Texas. The park is huge with walking trails, both paved and unpaved. We made two miles into the trail. I had this great feeling of being with the nature after I made into the woods.

This was Ida’s first visit to a park. I wanted Ida to learn there is a beautiful place like this, not just what she sees most of the time when she roams the Dallas Fort Worth Metro-Plex. There was a beautiful stream I wanted her to touch and feel. Getting to that stream will take few steps downward on a hill, Ida was reluctant because she feared she would fall down. I encouraged her to go, held her hands to take steps and climb down. The woods are so quite, blocking the sound from outside, all of us could hear the sound of the flowing stream. Ida had this wonderful experience of touching it. She stood in the water, standing there for some time with her shoes and socks were completely wet.

She was afraid when I let her go herself to climb up the uphill. She cried for help. I helped her to climb up. After she made to the top, she turned todays me to pull me up. How excited she was to pull me up! She said at the end of that attempt ‘Appa finally made it’.

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